Our position in the market research industry

Our business fits into the “medium-size” category of market research companies.

We do not carry the large overheads of our biggest competitors, which allows us to be very competitive on price without compromising client servicing or research quality.

We punch well above our weight in terms of servicing large corporate, government and not for profit clients, with a strong commitment to service, high quality research outputs, and creative insights.

Our people resources

The Sexton Marketing Group offers the services of a team of highly experienced and respected specialist market research personnel, including:

  • Mike Sexton, qualitative and quantitative research specialist and principal project director
  • Andrew Bell, qualitative focus group specialist
  • John King, advertising and communications research specialist
  • Luke Sexton, field services and data analysis specialist
  • A large affiliate network of respected consultants.


Our base and coverage

  • We have offices in Melbourne and Adelaide.
  • We conduct research nationally across Australia as well as in New Zealand, and selected Asian countries via our affiliate network.


Our areas of specialization

The Sexton Marketing Group conducts customized market research.

We design and conduct research to suit the specific research needs of our individual clients.

This includes:

  • Defining our clients’ research needs
  • Designing a research program or activity to provide the information needed
  • Designing the questions to be asked
  • Conducting the interviews and / or focus group discussions
  • Analysing and interpreting the research results
  • Providing marketing insights from the research
  • (Where appropriate) tracking and monitoring changes in key measures over time.