The Sexton Marketing Group provides the following services to our clients:

For medium to large businesses and corporations

  • Corporate image and reputation benchmarking and tracking
  • Brand profiling and attribute associations measurement
  • Advertising concept evaluation
  • Advertising campaign effectiveness research
  • New product concept development research
  • Customer experience and satisfaction research
  • Customer movement monitoring (acquisition, attrition, retention)
  • Issues management research
  • Customer profiling and segmentation research
  • Customised ad-hoc research to assist our clients to deal with any marketing, PR or communications challenges
  • Public opinion and stakeholder research on current issues.

For government departments and agencies

  • Employee surveys
  • Stakeholder surveys
  • Public opinion surveys
  • Communications / behaviour change program evaluation and monitoring
  • Awareness, attitude and behaviour change research
  • Corporate reputation benchmarking and tracking
  • Customer satisfaction monitoring

For not-for-profit organizations

  • Stakeholder surveys
  • Pre-and post-testing of communications, advertising, and fund-raising initiatives
  • Brand awareness, image, reputation and affinity tracking
  • Testing of corporate branding, logos, colours, slogans and marketing positioning


Our research methods

We specialize in the following research methods:

Qualitative research

  • In-depth interviews
    • Businesses (to CEO and Board level)
    • Shareholders
    • Stakeholders
    • Consumers
    • Employees
    • Depth interviews conducted face to face, computer aided telephone interviews (CATI), on-line self-completion depth interviews

Focus group discussions

  • Business managers
  • Consumers
  • Customers (including new and lapsed customers)
  • Stakeholders

Quantitative research

  • Telephone surveys (via computer aided telephone interviews (CATI)
  • On-line surveys
  • Mail-out surveys
  • Face to face surveys
  • Shopping centre and street intercept studies

Desk-top reviews

  • Literature searches and reviews

Research design, data analysis and reporting

  • We design survey questionnaires
  • We design depth interview agendas and focus group agendas
  • We conduct interviews and moderate focus group discussions
  • We content analyse all verbal feedback from respondents
  • We statistically analyse all survey data using SPSS and Quantum software
  • We write reports summarizing our research findings and provide marketing insights
  • We assist our clients to turn research information into marketing actions.


Our research philosophy

  • To conduct all research according to accepted best-practice principles and an industry-wide code of ethics
  • To treat our clients as business partners, with our key objective being to foster their success
  • To be reliable and ethical in our dealings with all stakeholders and clients
  • To provide highly competitive rates and value for money
  • To add value to everything we do, and go well beyond our client's expectations
  • To conduct our research to the highest professional standard
  • To provide our clients with practical marketing insights and the benefits of more than 25 years' experience in the research industry
  • To treat our clients with the highest level of respect, and to be responsive and pro-active in servicing their needs
  • To ensure that our research makes a positive difference for our clients